Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

  • Protection from Escalating Costs
    A pre-paid funeral plan is a service planned and paid for in advance. It is secured at today’s prices, which gives you total control over your funeral.

  • Your Funds are Secure

    Your funds are held independently of a funeral director and invested on your behalf. Choose to pay in a lump sum, or in fortnightly, monthly or quarterly instalments over a fixed period of time.

  • Your Choice of Funeral and Funeral Director
    A pre-paid funeral is arranged with your chosen funeral director. You decide on the type of service and this is formalised in a contract. We can help you find a suitable funeral director in your area. Your funds are secure and should your chosen funeral home cease to exist, your investment is safe. The funeral director is only paid once proof your contract has been fulfilled.

  • Tax Benefits
    Your pre-paid funeral plan will not affect your means tested pension. No contribution limit applies so you can invest as much as you would like to cover your future funeral expenses.
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