8 interesting ways to spread a loved one’s ashes

After cremation, your love one’s ashes need not stay in a final resting place such as an urn. Take the ashes on a journey, be it an intimate final send-off or one that is literally out of this world. Ashes can also be turned into beautiful works of art, or even a living memorial. 

A favourite place

Scatter the ashes somewhere meaningful, perhaps at your loved one’s favourite holiday spot. Why stop at one destination? Divide the ashes, go on a road trip and spread them at significant locations* in your loved one’s life. 

Footy team home ground

Story has it that an avid footy fan’s final request was to have her ashes scattered on her favourite team’s home ground. After her passing, the team respectfully obliged during a closed training session. Speak to your loved one’s favourite footy team. You may be surprised.

Go with the flow

Your loved one may have enjoyed fishing, watersports or simply being close to the water. Choose a favourite river, lake or ocean, get on a boat, and carefully release the ashes into the water. Scatter some freshly picked flowers petals at the same time, so you can visually follow the ash as it flows with the current. A tip: ensure everyone is upwind when you do this.

Gone with the wind

Release your loved one’s ashes in the stratosphere. It will travel around the world for months with the winds before coming back to earth as the core in snowflakes or raindrops. It’s an epic journey to end all journeys. Finalflight puts your loved one’s ashes on a science balloon for this purpose. Check out their website at http://finalflight.com.au

A living memorial

A loved one’s ashes could go into a memorial tree urn, which contains a unique mix that will nourish a tree sapling. This tree will grow to become a beautiful living tribute. https://urnabios.com/urn

Into outer space

Have your loved one’s ashes launched into space! Celestis in the United States offers several packages for a journey into the final frontier – a one-way ticket into orbit, perfect for someone with a childhood dream of space travel. Read about it here at www.celestis.com

A display of fireworks

Ashes can also be put into fireworks and light up in the sky, an amazing way to celebrate a life well-lived. Find out more about this here:  http://www.geelongfireworks.com.au/final-flight.html

Diamonds and works of art

While these methods do not actually include the ‘spreading’ or ‘scattering’ of ashes, they are creative ways a loved one can be immortalised forever. Ashes can be converted into man-made diamonds, added into glass sculpture weights, mixed into paints for a portrait, or even put into tattoo ink for a memorial body art.

Whether you wish to keep your loved one as close to you as possible, or give them a grand send off, there is no shortage of options or possibilities. Be sure that your closest family members are on the same page and agreeable with the idea. It goes without saying that the ashes should be treated with utmost dignity and respect, no matter which way we choose to celebrate a loved one’s life. 

Finally, you need to make sure that you include your wishes in your Will, or let your family know, so that they can be carried out. 

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*You may need permission from the local council to do this.