Planning ahead: Your final resting place

Today, most cemeteries and crematoria provide a wide range of options to suit every religious belief or cultural background. Nobody likes to think about the inevitable, but pre-purchasing a grave or cemetery plot lets you secure the final resting place of your choice. Whether you choose to be buried or cremated, planning ahead offers many advantages: be put to rest your way.

When the time comes, rest in peace knowing your final wishes will be honoured. Your preferences would have been recorded, so your family is spared from making difficult decisions during an emotional time.

Pay for a future need at today’s prices

The cost of interment will only increase as the years go by. Lock in today’s prices when you pre-purchase, as fees are set upon deposit payment. The good news is, cemetery plots are not counted as assets and do not impact pension payments.

Keep your family together

Buy several plots close to each other or a family mausoleum. Keep generations of your family members together, and remember loved ones who have passed on, all in one place. It is a meaningful way to preserve your family legacy for this generation and the generations to come.

No financial burden on family members

When decisions are made and paid for in advance, there is nothing more to pay. Let it be a time for loved ones to honour your memory, rather than worry about the costs of your interment.

Interest-free payment plans

Pre-purchasing a grave or cemetery plot does not mean you have to pay it all at once. Most cemeteries offer extended payment terms, giving you more financial flexibility.

“Secure your final resting place  at today’s prices with  an easy payment plan.”

The Right of Interment

Bear in mind that pre-purchasing a cemetery plot does not mean you are buying the land associated with it. It is a common misconception as public cemeteries are situated on Crown Land.

What you are actually buying is the right to determine who can be buried in that grave, which is why these plots are referred to as a ‘right of interment’ under the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act. This also applies to all other types of interment, such as mausoleum crypts or niche wall locations for cremated remains.

When pre-purchasing your final resting place, ensure you are issued a document with information that identifies its location within the cemetery. You should also receive the conditions related to your right of interment.

Rest with peace of mind

With life’s many uncertainties, it’s important to plan for the future and live in the present. Then embrace life to the fullest, knowing you have taken care of everything, right to the very end.

Who you can speak to:

Funeral Directors – Australian Funeral Director Association

Crematoriums and Cemeteries – Australasian Cemeteries And Crematoria Association